We provide high quality
design and construction services
for commercial and residential properties.

Bill Leonard is the owner of Executive Designs Landscaping. He has been the driving force behind hundreds of commercial and residential landscape projects over the past 25+ years. He has built a reputation for providing high quality without having to charge the high prices like his competitors. How? To begin, rather than invest in fancy trucks, large administrative staffs and expensive marketing campaigns, Bill chooses to keep his overhead costs low, and rely on referrals to find business. As a result, Executive Designs is able to provide the same design and construction services as other top end companies, often for 10-20% less. Bill is so confident in his approach to landscaping and ability to control costs he encourages prospective clients to share his plans with other top firms to see how much more they would charge.

Experience. Experience. Experience.

Executive Designs has tons of design experience. That means the ability to translate a client’s desires and dreams into a very creative, yet realistic, plan. We know what will work best in our climate. And how to create a design that looks good year round, is easy to maintain and lasts.

We are also extremely experienced in landscape construction. Our teams all have 15+ years experience and have worked with us for at least 10 years. They are professionals, not day laborers picked up on a job by job basis. And all of our workers are licensed, insured and bonded.

Ready for your new landscape?

If you need landscaping services for your commercial or residential property, we would love the opportunity to talk. We’ll listen to your needs and provide a plan and budget … all with no cost or obligation.